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Format: Multi-Lesson study with reflection questions
Topic: Ministry Foundations
Are you ready to do some deep study and reflection about ministry through your dance? Guided Studies are multi-lesson studies based on our text, Dancers! Assume the Position. They cover scriptural foundation for dance ministry using book text, scripture, and reflection questions.
To use, choose the study you want, and complete the lessons. Check out the Guided Studies.

Format: Video clips
Topics: Choreography and dance technique
Would you like to know more about choreography? The video gallery is a collection of videos focusing on dance technique and choreography.
Check out the video gallery

Format: Essays
Topics: Dance Ministry (various)
Need some advice about handling a particular issue in your dance ministry or choreography? Special Topics is a collection of essays and audio teachings about various topics involved in dance ministry, such as working with dancers of different abilities or working with a live choir.
To use, select the essay topic that you want to read. Check out the Special Topics.