cover_dancers-ministry_200by300Welcome to Guided Studies (GS). These studies are based off our textbook, Dancers! Assume the Position. Our GS combine book text, scripture, and reflection questions. To complete the book studies, you will need a copy of the book. Click on the link to order a digital copy ($6.99), or paperback copy ($10), or both ($15).


Dance Ministry Foundations
This study takes an in-depth look at dance ministry as a partnership between dance and ministry. Begin the study


Partnering with the Pulpit
This study looks at how the dancer helps the local congregation accomplish its assignment to minister to its congregants and contribute to Kingdom progress. Begin this study


Ministry Like Jesus
Rom 8:29 says that we were predestined to be conformed into the image of Christ. Phil. 2:5 tells us to have the mind of Christ. This study looks at how we minister through dance in the image, and with the mind of Christ. Coming soon


The Strategy of Song
The music we use to minister plays a very important role in helping us fulfill our assignment as ministers through dance. This study looks at what song does and how we partner with it as dancers. Coming soon


Dance: A Part of the Way God Speaks
This study takes a scriptural look at how God has used movement to communicate to His people. Coming soon


Once God Draws: Answering the Call to Ministry
We become ministers through dance in response to feeling the Lord draw us to this vehicle. However, the first step after God’s drawing is not to go dance. This study looks at how we respond to God’s drawing. Coming soon